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The Ultimate Moving Guide for a Smooth Move

You might have heard the old adage about moving being up there as one of the most stressful events to go through in life. It’s not hard to see why, but if you plan everything out, take your time, and know your options, the whole process can be a million times easier and far less stressful than you’d think.

To help you hit that target, and to keep your blood pressure readings low on moving day, we’ve put together a useful moving guide. Whether you’re a student moving into college, away from home for the first time, you’re moving homes, or your business is on the move, let us help you get from A to B with all the right planning involved.

If you’re after some tips, we’ve got you covered, and if you simply don’t know where to begin, don’t worry. While moving isn’t the easiest thing in the world, with our help and advice, you’ll be knocking it right out of the park. You’ll be in your new property quicker than you can say ‘1, 2, 3, move!’

Students on the move at Smart Self Storage

Students on The Move

So, you’re moving out of the home and into your college campus room. Exciting times! The chances are that you’ve never lived away from home before, so this is sure to be a rather stressful, and maybe even upsetting time (for mom especially). Don’t think that way, you’re about to enter into a very exciting stage of your life - think of all the fun you’re going to have!

So, what are the best tips out there for students on the move to their new college home away from home? Let’s explore.

Early to Rise, Early to Move!

It’s a good idea to drag yourself out of bed and arrive at the campus as early as you can. This means that your boxes will be in your room early and you can spend the rest of the day organizing things and saying goodbye to your ever-supportive family. This can be an emotional day for many members of your family, and while you’re all excited, the chances are your family might not be quite so upbeat. The quicker you move, the better you can reassure them that you’re going to be more than fine.

You Can Never Have Enough Labels

If you want to move quickly and effectively, you need to be down with labelling. Yes, this means being organized and knowing exactly what is in each box! A family member can probably help you out with this. Label each box clearly with a quick guide to what’s inside (e.g. clothes/books, etc), and also scribble down which room it needs to go to. This means you have the right boxes in the right room, you know you have everything and haven’t forgotten anything important, and moving is just going to be a much calmer, less stressful affair all-around.

Avoid Wire Confusion

If you’re moving a TV, games console, computer, or any other type of tech, it’s a good idea to take a photo of the back of the appliance before you unplug everything and pack it away. It can be difficult to remember what wire goes to which socket at the best of times, and when you’re moving and trying to unpack, the less time wasted on this rather annoying pastime, the better.

Take the photo and then when you come to set it up in your new room, it’ll be a quicker experience.

Don’t Put Your Back Out

Lifting boxes puts you at risk of major back injuries, and that’s not the way you want to spend your first week in college! You’re supposed to be out partying and mingling, not laid up in bed. To avoid that, know how to lift properly, and avoid lifting heavy objects wherever possible.

So, lift with your knees, and don’t bend over to pick things up. If you can, pack your items in suitcases with wheels or use a dolly, so you can drag, push or pull things, rather than carry them. Back saved instantly!

Relocated Businesses

You’re moving your business to bigger premises? Exciting times indeed! This means you can look forward to a lot more space, the chance to build your business further and expand. Hopefully your new place also has a better view - one can hope.

The problem? Moving an existing business is a stressful thing, because you need to get it done in the shortest amount of time possible. Remember, time is money people, and the longer you’re not actually at work, because you’re moving boxes and setting everything up, the more money you’re losing. The quicker you can move, the quicker you’ll be back up and running, loving your new place.

Let’s check out some top business moving tips.

Book Your Moving Company Well in Advance

Business moves need more planning than probably any other type of move, so don’t leave anything to the last minute. This means booking your moving company at least one month in advance, two months if at all possible. There is a chance that if you leave it too late, they are going to be booked up, and you’re going to struggle to find a reliable company you can trust.

Remember, there are certain busy times, e.g. at the beginning of new college semesters etc., and this means avoiding those times if at all possible. This also means you can shop around for the best company, with the best reputation, and for the best price.

Relocating your business at Smart Self Storage.

Making Smart Tech Moves

Moving your computers and other types of tech can be a nightmare if you don’t go about it the right way. Remember to back everything up - this is your number one rule! Without doing this step, you risk losing important information, which could be hard to recover, and may even be gone forever.

It’s also a good idea to take a photo of the back of any computers, so you can easily set them up when you arrive in your new place. Label up any matching cords and monitors and color code them, so you can match each one up correctly without time wasted. It’s also a good idea to think about how you’re going to package them up - if anything gets broken, you’re looking at a lot of cash lost. Bubble wrap is your friend, with extra tape to hold it all in place.

If you’re moving scanners or copiers, tape the lids down, so they don’t flap around while you’re on the move, and also remember to remove ink cartridges, to avoid any nasty leaks.

A Great Time to Have a Clear Out

Before you move, figure out what you really want to take with you, and what has seen better days. Chances are that you’re hanging onto some old furniture that is ready to be replaced, so why not make this the time to donate it to charity, and purchase some fancy new furniture for your new place?

Also, don’t forget about self storage! There are certain items your buisness may need to retain, but you just don’t want in your new space. Consider renting a self storage unit to store your business items.

This means that your new office space is going to look the part, and it will also do a lot for the morale of your employees. There is a very direct and real link between office furniture appearances and comfort levels, and morale.

Inform Those Who Need to Know

It’s best to let your clients and staff know you’re moving as quickly as you can, so there is no lost business or confusion about where you are currently moving from. This means putting up a sign in your old office to tell people where you are now, sending out emails, printing new business cards, and updating your social media accounts, and of course your website.

Don’t leave anything to chance here, because the longer you leave it, the more confused people will become, and they just may end up going to your competitors instead. That’s not something you want or need!

A business move is a big one, we can’t deny that fact. Provided you plan everything out and you try and streamline the process to avoid lost time, you should be up and running in no time. This type of move isn’t really something you can do last the last minute, unless you really have no other choice. Make it a month or two in the planing, and everything should happen smoothly.

Moving into a new family home at Smart Self Storage.

Moving into a New Family Home?

You’re about to move into a new family home, and whether you have children already, there’s a new baby on the way, or you’re thinking about what’s to come in the future, this is a very exciting and happy time. Of course, leaving an old family home can also be very emotional, but it’s important to think positive and look to the future.

Of course, there’s a reason why so many people say that moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. Let’s figure out a few ways to try and cut down those stress levels on moving day.

Planning Has Never Been More Important

As an adult, it’s hard enough to move, but you need to put some time into preparing the kids. If you don’t do this, your moving day is going to be a huge nightmare. You can turn it all into a fun game by thinking outside of the box, e.g. you can ask your kids to help you pack their toys, and get them to help you out with labelling and decorating the boxes with their things in them. Basically, just make the whole thing as fun as possible, and incorporate some games if you can, e.g. ‘treasure hunt’, or ‘let’s see how can pack this box the fastest’. Offering a small allowance for their hard work is always a helpful trick as well.

Double Check That You Have Everything

You’re likely to be so focused on moving the big things, e.g. the fridge, the beds, the sofa, the kids … that you forget the small things. Don’t forget to box up all your appliances, and your kitchen items, especially your cutlery! These small things are often forgotten until the last minute and then everything turns into a total stress-fest because you ran out of small boxes.

You should also make sure that you pack up all your important documents and store them in a file box or some other kind of easy to move filing system. These are things you will regret if you forget (think birth certificates and passports), so make these as important as the big things.

Adult and Child Buddying

Losing a child is not something you want to do while you’re in the middle of moving! To avoid this, buddy a child up with an adult, and make sure they stay by that person’s side at all times. You could also make it a game, e.g. each partnership is a team, and the one who does best wins a prize.

If you want to get things done faster, it’s probably a good idea to have a babysitter on speed dial. Once you’re in the house, you’re going to need a few days (if not weeks) to unpack everything and organize your items. Having your children trying to unpack boxes might be helpful to a degree, but if they’re throwing things everywhere or disrupting your organized plan, it’s just going to be even more stressful. If your babysitter or a family member can take them out to the park for a couple of hours, you can get on with things, while they run off some steam and have some fun.

Time For a Clear Out!

This is the ideal time to get rid of clutter and sell or donate any items you don’t want! Kids tend to keep hold of their old toys because they don’t want to let them go, but tell them about the children who don’t have any toys and ask them if they have anything they want to donate to those who are less fortunate. This means you will get rid of some clutter, which makes moving easier, and you get to do a good deed too.

Leverage Self Stoarge As Your Staging Ground

Sometimes, you are not quite certain which items you want in your new home and which you want to store (or donate). You may want to consider renting a self storage unit as an intermediate staging ground. Meaning, the boxes can stay in the unit and then you can bring them gradually into your new home. This ensures your new home is always clutter-free and beautiful, and also ensures you do not have to rush too much to unpack everything. Of course, there will also be boxes and items you may want to keep, but don’t want in your new home. Self storage is that extra room, a room away from your home for such items.

These tips will certainly help to make a family house move much easier!

budget movers at Smart Self Storage

Budget Movers

Moving house can be an expensive thing, for sure, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. It’s possible to cut costs here and there. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.

Make Use of Donated Boxes

Simply ask at your local supermarket or liquor store if they can hang onto their empty boxes for you, and you can use these to pack up your items. This will save you cash, and you’re also recycling too!

Bubble Wrap Alternatives Towels, blankets, and old clothing work just as well to protect fragile items from breakage, and can save you cash on bubble wrap. This is also likely to save you time too, because there aren’t many people who aren’t addicted to sitting and popping bubble wrap!

Plan Your Moving Time Carefully

Moving during the weekends is always more expensive than if you choose to move mid-week. It’s also more expensive to move at other times of the year, e.g. at the start of college semesters, because this is an in-demand time. Find a cheaper, less demanding time and save some cash.

Have a Clear Out

While you’re packing up, find any items which you don’t want, and see if you can sell them on eBay, social media groups or auction sites. Whatever you make is better than nothing, and could help to cover some of your moving costs.

Moving at The Last Minute!

Ah, the stress! You have to move and you have to do it fast! While this isn’t the ideal situation by any means, life tends to throw us curve balls occasionally, and a circumstance might arise where you need to get out of your home or office fast, and into a new one. If that’s the case, take some deep breaths! You can do it with these tips.

Enlist The Help of Friends

If you have good friends, it’s time for them to prove their loyalty! The more hands you can find to help you out, the better, and the faster the whole thing will be. When it’s all done, you can reward them with a pizza or a drink or two.

Pack an Essentials Bag, For The Meantime

Moving fast means you might not be as organized as you would otherwise be. In that case, just pack yourself an overnight bag, something which contains essential items, e.g. a change of clothes, toothbrush, chargers, pajamas, etc.

It’s also a good idea to grab any items which are of major value, e.g. heirlooms or important paperwork, and put them in a separate bag too.

One Room at a Time

Try and concentrate on one room at a time. This will give you a sense of accomplishment as you move around the house, and keep your spirits up that you’re actually getting somewhere. So, pack everything up in one room, move it out, and then move it into the next room and repeat the process. Motivation is key!

Last minute movers at Smart Self Storage

Organization is Key!

We’ve mentioned this a few times but being organized throughout your move will help make the whole move way easier. Whether you’re moving into a dorm room, moving businesses, or moving house, plan everything out as carefully as you can, and don’t put anything off until the last minute. If you do this, you’re just going to rush through the process and end up forgetting something important.

In addition to this, make sure that you clean everything before you move, and package it up carefully. This will save you time when you arrive, because you don’t have to go about cleaning everything before putting it away, and you also minimize your chances of breaking something too.

Before you move into the house, make sure you clean it, or you hire a professional cleaning service to do the deed for you. This cuts down on the time it takes when you arrive, from getting in there, to setting up home/college/business.

Tips For Hiring Moving Companies

Remember, when you hire a moving company, you’re putting trust in their hands. This is a big deal, so you need to make sure that you cover all bases, and go with a company that you trust completely.

Always Ask For References

Ask around and find out which companies your friends and family have used in the past. Word of mouth references are always the best, because these people have first hand experience of what the company is all about. Other than that, check reviews online and also head to the American Moving and Storage Association for more information.

Head Online and Search Things Out

Make sure you go with a company which has great reviews and a good reputation. How do you find this? Online! You can easily spend an hour or two doing your research to help you find the best company. Make sure you find quotes from more than one company and even get a free estimate or two.

Insurance is Key!

Make sure the company you go for has insurance options available, to cover your belongings in the event of an issue.

Are There Any Extra Fees?

Sometimes there are hidden extras you weren’t aware of, so make sure you ask about this at the time, to avoid surprises. If you do opt for a company which charges extra for certain things, you can factor this into your overall cost at the time, and you won’t be out of pocket on the day. These fees can sometimes include; when trying to get down narrow streets, or carrying items up several flights of stairs.

Personal Health While on The Move

Moving is stressful, we’ve established that, but it can also be super-tiring too. These tips will help you stay healthy while you’re moving, and therefore give you more energy to get the job done.

Get Plenty of Rest

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep in the days leading up to your move, especially the night before. This will give you much more energy and focus on moving day, and avoid making mistakes. It’s also a good idea to take regular breaks during the day itself, to give you more fuel in the tank. Coffee and snacks might be a good idea.

Water is Your Friend!

Make sure you stay hydrated during your move, so have plenty of water ready. Remember, during summer it’s not hard to become dehydrated, and that can be a serious thing if it is left unchecked. While you’re moving around, you’re sweating and losing fluids, so be sure to top them up on the regular, and you’ll be free of dehydration issues.

Don’t Forget to Eat!

It’s easy to think ‘let’s power through and get it done’, but you’re not doing your health much good if you do that. Factor time for a lunch, and make sure it’s a healthy option, and not the nearest grease-laden takeaway. This will give you more energy, because let’s face it, greasy food just makes you feel bloated and sluggish. The extra energy will get you through to the end of the day, and then it’s time to RELAX!

Tick Items Off Your To-Do List

Ticking items off your list will give you a boost of motivation - try it and see! It will also give you a boost in your mood too, because a bad mood during a tiring day is pretty easy to come by. Giving yourself breaks, making sure you stay hydrated and have lunch, while also ticking things off your list is a great recipe for a successful moving day.

Ready to Get Moving?

These tips will help you move from A to B in a quicker fashion, a less stressful way, and also in a healthier and more organized manner. Remember, moving house is a stressful thing, moving business is a potential costly thing, and moving out of your home for the first time and heading to college can be a scary thing. All of these events can be minimized in impact by being super-organized and on your game.

Lists are your friend here. Write as many lists as you need to write, and it’s also a good idea to have a notebook and pen at the side of your bed, for when you inevitably wake up several times during the night, remembering things and then worrying that you’ll forget them again while you sleep. By noting these things down, you’re taking them from your mind until the morning, when you see your notes and you can action whatever you have written down.

Stay in Control

It’s also vital to research your moving company very carefully before choosing your final option. It’s not all about cost saving here, it’s about quality and getting your belongings from your current location, to your new one, in a safe and effective way. Remember to ask about any added costs and to factor them in at the time, to give you an overall budget. By being more in control of your moving day, you’ll feel calmer, and the whole thing will progress in the best possible fashion.

You can never be too organized! Never go down the road of thinking ‘it’ll be alright on the day of - it won’t be! Failing to be organized in every aspect of moving properties is only going to end in regret, failure, and probably tears. If you’re moving family homes and you have children in tow, the whole thing can easily escalate from mildly stressful to a total meltdown. Without being organized, you’re not only going to stress yourself out, but you’re going to distress your children too.

Bonus Tips

Before we close out today’s guide, we also want to remind you of the following bonus tips:

  • Moving expenses may be tax deductible, so make sure to keep a file (or spreadsheet) with your costs and associated receipts.
  • If you’re moving into a new community, make sure to check with the local Chamber of Commerce to acquaint yourself with all the local schools, libraries, parks, and businesses.
  • Make sure to transfer medical, property, fire and auto insruance through your insruance agent.
  • Place all of your important medical records in a safe place. Make sure to transfer your precscriptions and vaccination records if you will be chaning pharmacies and/or doctors.
  • Inquire about schools (very early) if your children will be switching into a new school.
  • Don’t forget to fill out a USPS change of address form!
  • Make sure to notify all of your utiliteis that you will be moving. You will either need to discontinue service or tranfer service to your new location.
  • Consider keeping valuables on-person rather than packing away in moving boxes.
  • Locate hospitals, police stations, and fire stations near your new home.
  • Don’t forget to keep some cash on hand (different sized bills) for unexpected expenses that may come up during moving.

A Fresh Start

So, what should you take from this guide? Basically, moving is tough, but it’s not impossible, and you can even make it fun if you’re super-organized and you know exactly what you need to do. You’re moving from one property another and that means a fresh start. Keep that in mind and you should be able to navigate the process much easier. You should also work in milestones and never try and do too much in one go. When procrastination starts to creep in, you’re a goner, trust us!

Breaking large tasks down into smaller, bite-sized chunks make success much more likely, and with every time you tick off your to-do list, you’ll feel a surge of motivation, and a sense of pride. By the time all your boxes are in your shiny, new, clean property, you’ll be keen to unpack and organize everything once more. By going down this route, you’re minimizing time spent, and you’re also minimizing money spent too.

So, wherever you’re moving from, and wherever you’re moving to, we wish you luck. Be organized, be energetic, be focused, and above all else, make it fun!